Spring Lake, NJ Mold Removal and Flood Restoration

Home and business owners in Spring Lake, NJ, see their fair share of floods and plumbing disasters. If you experience one or the other, it’s important to get professional help right away because water will create all kinds of structural damage. Contaminants in the water can also affect your health.

Most importantly, mold will have a chance to grow. It’s a fungus that can cause a host of health problems in those who are exposed to it. Symptoms can range from fevers, fatigue, and shortness of breath to memory loss and even depression. Some forms of mold, such as black mold, will destroy neurons, leading to impaired physical and mental capabilities.

Thankfully, Flood and Mold NJ is available for immediate cleanups. We can restore properties of all sizes and remove mold from walls, floors, ceilings, drainpipes, air vents, and other surfaces. Below is a brief outline of our services.

Flood Restoration

Whether there was a natural disaster, spill, pipe leak, or storm, you can call us any time, any day, for emergency service. Restoration can be broken down into several stages: identification of the water leak, water removal, drying, the clearing out of debris, the salvaging of your belongings, and dehumidifying. Our trucks carry everything from water pumps to fans and floor scrubbers, so we’ll handle every step quickly and professionally.

Our team will restore textiles, carpets, and upholstery using chemicals like chlorine bleach and methods like steam cleaning, and the whole property will be deodorized and disinfected. We’ll also track any seepage and keep it from causing further structural damage. To prevent mold growth, our team can install dehumidifiers in high-risk areas like the attic and basement.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Sometimes, even the most thorough flood restoration isn’t enough to stop mold, especially if a property has no protection against moisture. We’re here, though, to remove mold wherever it can be found in high concentrations.

After we put on the right safety gear, we’ll use HEPA vacuums and wire brushes to eliminate mold from your surfaces. We’ll wet wash them and treat them with antimicrobial chemicals and biocides. For those surfaces that won’t give up their mold, you can consider encapsulation. We’ll apply a special sealant that won’t allow the remaining mold spores to spread.

We can perform remediation afterwards. Our team will dehumidify the space and even run an air scrubber to capture any mold spores that have gone airborne.

Mold Testing

If you’re not sure if mold is in your property, we’ll come over with our field meters, moisture meters, and other state-of-the-art inspection equipment to get a definite answer. Our employees can identify most species of mold when they see it, so they’ll tell if any spots are really mold or just discoloration.

Flood and Mold NJ has been serving the residents of Spring Lake since 1997, and everything we do is environmentally friendly. We’re certified by the IICRC, and each technician is insured for everyone’s peace of mind. To request a free estimate for service, give us a call today!