PumpSpy Battery Backup System

Prevent Your Basement From Flooding!

Most homeowners discover that their sump pump has a problem after the basement has already flooded. By then it’s too late to prevent damage. PumpSpy is the only system that alerts homeowners that their sump pump has a problem BEFORE flooding can occur.

PumpSpy products connect to computers that watch over your sump pump system automatically, 24/7. PumpSpy computers constantly collect and analyze incoming data from your sump pumps, checking for potential issues. When an issue is detected, PumpSpy automatically sends alerts via text message, email and push notifications via the FREE PumpSpy App.

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The PumpSpy Battery Backup System is the only battery backup that will monitor your main pump, backup pump and battery. Real time data is then sent to you, allowing you to take action if a problem arises. You can even have the notifications sent to another person – neighbor, parent, landlord, etc. – in case you are out of town.

Count on Aqua Solutions for a clean, professional install of this technology. Our attention to detail will ensure you are receiving the proper sump pump components to effectively prevent flooding in your basement.

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