Do you lack constant high water pressure? Install our Pump Miser and Feel The Difference!

The Pump Miser is the perfect combination of affordable, consistent, energy efficient, high water pressure. Well pumps and irrigation systems can undergo damage, but you will be worry free if you ask our capable team at Aqua Solutions to install the Pump Miser! Speed pumps are known for sustaining problems like low flow cycle, noise vibration and pressure spikes. Yet, the Pump Miser is free from these problems.

Conventional System:

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Pump Miser System:

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Just some of the benefits of installing a Pump Miser:

  • Consistent high water pressure
  • Equipment life can be extended up to 300%
  • Go green as it uses much less power
  • Reduces / eliminates silt and sand
  • Ends the cycling of well pumps
  • Eliminates the hassle of tripped circuit breakers

Get affordable, energy-efficient water pressure with the Pump Miser!

Created in 1993, the Pump Miser was designed to keep cycling to a minimum, maintain constant pressure, and to keep pump flow and pressure steady. The Pump Miser is not just efficient, but also inexpensive! In addition, the Pump Miser is “green” and causes pumps to use much less power. Not only will you save money when our team installs the Pump Miser, but you will also do a greater part in saving the environment.

Contact us at 732-928-7798 to get your Pump Miser installed by our trained technicians!

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