Install an Aqua Guard Flood Prevention System in New Jersey

Every day, Americans experience dreaded plumbing floods in their homes. Don’t be one of them! Our team of trained technicians can install a flood prevention sensor called Aqua Guard to keep your home flood and worry free! Aqua Guard is a sensory product that we at Aqua Solutions highly recommend. It keeps your home free of plumbing floods and resulting catastrophic damage. 24 hours a day, Aqua Guard is on alert, protecting your home and family.

Some quick facts about the Aqua Guard system:

  • Protects your home 24/7–even when you’re away
  • Battery operated and has wireless sensors (up to 200 ft. range)
  • Full flow ball valve is electrically operated
  • Auxiliary I/O low voltage contacts

Stop water damage with the Aqua Guard!

We understand how precious your valuable keepsakes, investments, and family heirlooms are–don’t put them at risk. Install the Aqua Guard system and keep plumbing floods and water damage from destroying your home and your irreplaceable items! Most insurance companies recommend Aqua Guard because of its effectiveness and reliability. Put your mind at ease and call our team at Aqua Solutions at 732-928-7798. We can install Aqua Guard right away!