Dealing with Low Water Pressure from Your Well

If you have a well, you may sometimes go to your kitchen sink and experience low water pressure. There are several different reasons why your water pressure may be low. It is recommended that you address this issue as soon as possible as it could be an indicator of a serious problem in your well or the water delivery equipment. If you wait too long, your well pump may fail, leading to costly repairs.

Inefficient Water Pump

When you had your well installed, you were more than likely advised that there are many choices of submersible well pumps. If you went with the standard pump, you might experience fluctuating water pressure. A standard pressure pump will activate when the pressure tank drops 20 PSI from its “cut off” pressure. If you go with a constant pressure pump system or the “Pump Miser”, this will give you constant high water pressure. If you desire to have more water pressure, check to see if you have a standard well pump. If you want to upgrade to a constant pressure pump known as a variable speed pump or the Pump Miser, please call Aqua Solutions, and we will be happy to help you.

Faulty Pressure Switch

Another issue that can cause your water pressure to be low is a faulty pressure switch. The pressure switch is located at the pressure tank. The pressure switch sends the electric to the well pump. The pressure switch sends the electric to the well pump, calling for the well pump to turn on. This will cause the  pressure to increase. Typically, the well pump will come on when the pressure drops to 40 PSI (an industry standard). Inside the pressure switch, there is are internal springs. These springs can weaken over time and or go out of calibration, which can cause the pressure switch to go bad. There are also electrical components that can go bad on the pressure switch. Your pressure switch may appear faulty in some cases, even cause a fire. In many cases, it just needs to be readjusted to work correctly.

Clogged Sediment Filter

If you experience low water pressure, you will want to check and see if you have a sediment filter. Some wells have them and they can become clogged. This will especially be true based on the quality of your well. If you want to make sure that you do not have a clogged sediment filter, make sure that you change the filter yearly or as needed. If you want to be sure when you need to change your sediment filter, you can have a pressure gauge installed. You want to change the filter when you have a loss of pressure that is significant.

Calibrating the Pressure tank

If you experience an issue with water pressure, you will want to check to see if your tank has an diaphragm or bladder. You can have one of Aqua Solutions trained technicians come out to properly diagnose it. This device causes pressure by using the water in the tank. In some cases, the bladder may become underinflated. This will make it not work properly, causing your water pressure to be low. If an underinflated pressure tank is the cause for lower pressure, it is a simple fix. It will just need to be calibrated or replaced. This is a common repair for wells and is easily done by a licensed well driller or a licensed well pump installer. Please remember, a water filtration company is not licensed to perform any repairs to pressure tanks pressure switches and or well pumps.

If you are experiencing low water pressure with your well pump, please call Aqua Solutions today – 732-928-7798 or Our technicians are experienced in all well pump issues and can help get your water pressure back to where it should be. We will be happy to come out as quickly as possible to address this issue.

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