At Aqua Solutions, LLC, your health is our has always been and remain our only concern.

That’s why as concerns of Covid-19 sweeps across New Jersey, we want to assure you that not only are we taking precautions to minimize this silent enemy within our working area but Michael Glaser, owner of Aqua Solutions has and is taken part in the constantly changing professional cleaning plans nationally. We haven’t just gotten into the “Indoor” Environmental” business!


What You Should Know:

Aqua Solutions is not only following the CDC’s minimal guidelines for preventing the spread of Coronavirus, we are going many steps better by expanding on them.

  • Aqua Solutions, LLC are screening our customers for illness.
  • We are encouraging all customers to report to Aqua Solutions if you are feeling sick. If we arrive for an appointment and you or a family member are suddenly exhibiting symptoms, please advise us so we can reschedule your appointment.
  • Our staff is disinfecting daily between all customer visits and we are performing deep disinfectant cleanings on a  daily basis with professional equipment tat is not available to the general public or other water treatment and or well companies..
  • We are reminding all customers to go to our websites for great information to assist in keeping your family safe.
  • Whenever washing your hands isn’t an option, we recommend using hand sanitizer. Its a good secondary option.
  • Please try and break the habit of not touching your face; mouth, nose and eyes.

From more information, call 732-928-7798 for go to or