Caring for our Jackson, NJ & Surrounding Town Residents While Performing Water Water Filtration, Pressure Tank or Well Pump Pump Repairs


As we hopefully in New Jersey and all around the country start to see COVID-19 pass the apex and decline and as we are more then halfway through the 30-day quarantine, the next week or so will remain tough for all of us. We all know someone that either has or had this invisible enemy, has felt very little health effects, has felt the full wrath of the disease or the worst-case scenario, death. Therefore, we must all do our part and listen daily to the CDC recommendations. It is very important that we see the 30-day quarantine though to the last day if it.

Remember six feet minimum of social distancing, wash your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds with soap and water frequently. Try your best not to touch your nose, mouth and eyes. Your shoes and sneakers can be a disease transmitter so be careful taking them off and leave them outside if possible and wash your hands again!

When Aqua Solutions, LLC needs to service a customer’s house or building in these tough times for “No Water” calls or water filtration issues, please be assured that Aqua Solutions is the only water treatment company in Ocean, Monmouth, mercer and most likely in the state of NJ that has the ability to to keep the client safe. The owner of Aqua Solutions, Michel Glaser hold one of the highest indoor environmental certifications and many other certifications  for indoor environmental. Michael Glaser is an expert in the indoor environmental industry within his field of expertise. Michael Glaser is also a New York State Approved Mold instructor so proper and safe remediation is nothing new to Michael Glaser and his Aqua Solutions Team for you, the Aqua Solution’s customer!


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Please note some anti-virus software platforms may suggest that this website is dangerous. It is not. The reason for the red flag is that Aqua Solutions has a link on the Aqua site that brings up the COVID-19 page on our Flood and Mold website… We assure you, completely safe.



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