Salt Pellets, Salt Crystals and Potassium Chloride

If you live in Jackson, Millstone, Colts Neck, or surrounding areas then you probably have a water softener that needs to be regenerated. Of all the options you can find in stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Home Depot, most salt brands either contain salt crystals, salt pellets, or potassium chloride. Each of these contain their own benefits.

Salt crystals can be broken down into two different forms: rock salt, and solar salt. Rock & solar salt is the least pure of all the options because they are mined from the ground. Since it is impure, rock and solar salt becomes the mushiest of all the options and is the dirtiest option as the brine tank will need to be cleaned due to all the muck and debris in the salt. The benefit of rock and solar salt is that it is the cheapest option although it is also the worst option because it is the filthiest option

Salt pellets are made when water is run into salt deposits beneath the surface. The water dissolves the salt and then the brine solution is pumped up to the surface where it is exposed to heat and vacuum evaporation. This makes salt pellets the purest salt option. In fact, salt pellets are generally 99.9% sodium chloride. Salt pellets are the best option to use for your water system. Although they are pricier than both forms of salt crystals, they almost never get mushy and you should not ever have to clean out your brine tank.

Potassium chloride is available as an alternate to salt pellets and salt crystals as it contains no sodium. The problems with potassium chloride are that it is the most expensive option and it is not as effective as the other options at regenerating the water softener resin. Aqua Solutions just serviced a house in New Egypt where potassium chloride was a proper fit.

In conclusion, salt pellets are the best option of the four as they are the purest and cleanest form of salt that you can use in your brine tank. If you are on a tighter budget, then salt crystals would be your option, although they are mucky and dirty and eventually will cause harm to your water softener and as a result are not recommended for use. If you are somebody who are strictly watching your sodium intake, then perhaps potassium chloride is your option, although this option is pricey and not as effective as salt pellets.

Aqua Solutions, LLC strongly encourages that you use Morton Clean and Protect Plus Rust Defense pellets for your water system as that brand of salt has given the best results of all salt brands tested. Aqua Solutions stocks this salt and can deliver it to your home and into your basement. If you would like to schedule a salt delivery, call us at 732-928-7798.

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