Iron and Bacteria in Well Water

Many homes with well water in Monmouth and Ocean Counties are very prone to have high levels of iron and almost non-existent with bacteria. If you live in Jackson, Millstone, Clarksburg or Colt Neck, then odds are your raw well water contains high levels of iron.

There are two ways iron can get into your well water. The first way is seepage. In this case, Rain or melted snow travel from the surface through the soil and into the well’s water supply. The second way that iron can get into your well water is through corrosion. In this case, the casings and pipes to and from the well begin to rust when exposed to water and as more and more water passes through, the rust flakes off and enters the well water supply.

There are two forms of iron that can be found in well water: Ferric iron and ferrous iron. Ferric iron is also known as red-water iron and this iron forms when the water oxidizes and forms rust, which is where the red-water iron nickname comes from. Ferrous iron is also known as clear-water iron and this iron forms in deeper wells. This form of iron cannot be seen because it is soluble, meaning it can be dissolved in water.

Iron in well water does not necessarily pose any serious health risks, however there are still some things that can be negatively affected. High iron in water can cause hair to get discoloration and it can get dry, brittle, and a metallic odor. High iron can also cause your skin to start getting wrinkly and can also give you acne. Foods and beverages can be affected as they can have a metallic taste and they may have a darker look. Toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and even dishes and silverware in your home can get stained as a result of high iron. Iron can cause clogging in appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and even pumps and the well itself.

Homes in Manalapan, Holmdel, and Marlboro are not susceptible to having bacteria in well water. Total coliform bacteria can be found in the soil and leach into groundwater and aquifers. This type of bacteria is sometimes not a health risk in small amounts; however, it still can be indicator that your well was not constructed right, something is wrong with your water system, or the soil or rock around the well is causing a disturbance.

Fecal coliform comes from the intestines of animals. If this bacteria is detected, it can be the sign of a defective sewage system nearby. E. coli is a type of bacteria that is extremely harmful to people’s health. This type of bacteria means that human or animal waste is getting into the water supply and that immediate action should be taken.

Aqua Solutions can help if your well contains high iron or bacteria. If your water filtration expert is advising you that you have “Iron Bacteria”, there is a great chance his diagnostic opinion is incorrect.

Aqua Solutions, LLC builds water filtration systems that help combat iron before it enters your tap. Aqua Solutions also perform services that help eliminate bacteria living inside your well if you are the few that should have it.

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