Low Water Pressure with Well Water and How to Fix It!

If you live in a home in Colts Neck, there is no doubt that your water supply source is from a well. Most well water delivery systems have inadequate water pressure.

A conventional well system in Toms River and surrounding areas consist of a submersible well pump, a pressure tank, pressure switch and pressure gauge. The usual pressure is 40 PSI on and 60 PSI off. What this means is that when you demand water, the water will run from the pressure tank. When the pressure in the pressure tank goes down to 40 PSI, the contacts close in the pressure switch, causing the submersible well pump to turn on. The pressure will build up to 60 PSI and the pump will shut off by the pressure switch contacts opening.

When the well pump turns on and off, that is called cycling. If the well pump turns on and off excessively, that is called short cycling. Cycling causes wear and tear (destruction) on the well pump, pressure tank and the pressure switch. Homes in Manalapan, Jackson and Millstone are notorious for this action because these areas are known for having sprinkler systems. This also causes your electric bill to spike.

Most homes and commercial buildings that have well water have a common complaint: Water pressure is too low. Again, homes with sprinklers (irrigation) and homes with Geo-Thermal heating and air conditioning have the most problems with this. Homes throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties have Geo-Thermal HVAC systems.

There is a proven way to correct this low water pressure issue. A product called the “Pump Miser.” The Pump Miser will continuously regulate your water pressure, keeping the pressure constantly high, and converting your system into a “Constant Pressure” system. Many homes in Jackson, Cream Ridge and New Egypt already have the Pump Miser and these customer couldn’t be happier.

Once the Pump Miser is installed, customers can’t believe how much better the water pressure is throughout the building and they are very happy with the results. Well pumps will cycle considerably less and the equipment will last longer. To see an animated demo of a conventional well water delivery system and one with the Pump Miser, please use this link:


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