Well Water Rotten Egg Smell in Colt Neck and Toms River, New Jersey

You may live in Colt Neck or neighboring towns like Toms River and wonder why your water has a rotten egg smell to it. If your water has the rotten egg smell, it may be due to the fact your water contains hydrogen sulfide gas/ hydrogen sulfide bacteria.

Hydrogen sulfide may be health risk to some. To others it may just be a nuisance that you want gone. For some people, this issue can cause the gastrointestinal tract to become irritated causing great stress and pain to the stomach.  This gas/bacteria can also cause a black slime on appliances. The best way to treat this issue is to oxidize the hydrogen sulfide gas/ hydrogen sulfide bacteria and follow up with a properly sized final filter with the proper media.

Many water treatment companies attempt to treat and rid the “Rotten Egg” odor with chlorination systems with very little success. Some of the reason for failure is that that there is usually not enough contact time with the contaminant and the chlorination before removing the chlorine with a carbon filter which is commonly used. Another common mistake of water treatment company is that they don’t dose the eater with the proper ratio of chlorination versus water being treated. The dose is either too weak or too strong but almost never consistent. the customer (homeowner) learns to live with the water treatments company’s failure but shouldn’t have to.

If you live in Ocean or Monmouth Counties and want the “Rotten Egg” smell removed for once and all, contact Aqua Solutions today at 732-928-7798 and ask about the Annihilator Ultra System that specializes in removing that horrid smell. With the Annihilator Ultra System, you will never have to worry about having the rotten egg smell again “guaranteed”.

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