Is Solar Crystal Salt With Rust Away Really The Best On The Market as Some Suppliers Claim?

Is Solar Crystal Salt With Rust Away Really The Best On The Market as Some Suppliers Claim?

The answer is clearly no! This type of salt has several flaws. First, the salt has a high dirt content. If you do not believe this statement just let the salt run low so you can inspect the bottom of your brine tank. That dirty muck didn’t come from the well water of Monmouth or Ocean County! This dirt causes the water softeners to fail prematurely  making the water treatment companies extra revenue.

Second, the “Rust Away” additives is a sprayed on product that is not as strong as others. Once you fill your brine tank, the first or second regenerations gets a strong dose of this additive do to it settling on the bottom of the brine tank. After that, the additive is less for the rest of the salt in the tank and the product is not effective.  This causes the water softener to fail and foul out. what do you do? You call your local water softener in Manalapan or Cream Ridge and they come out and what do they do? hey sell you a service to repair or charge you to replace the unit.

Third: All your solar salt products are less expensive than a “quality” pellet salt. These solar salts cost much less than a quality salt. what it is good for is huge profit margins for the local salt suppliers on the East Coast. I recommend a great product such as Morton Brand Pellet Salt “Clean and Protect” + “Rust Defense”. In my opinion of testing many salts on the market in the Colts Neck, Millstone areas, this salt is clearly the best for well water with high iron. Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Aqua Solutions sells the product. Aqua Solutions offers “In Home, To The Basement” delivery

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