Top Three Problems of Water Filtration Systems in Toms River Homes

People from all across the country rely on filtration systems to ensure that they’re actually drinking clean water that is free of contaminants, and the residents of Toms River, New Jersey, often make the choice to add one of these systems to their home in an effort to provide their family with the healthiest water supply possible. Whether you choose a small system that fits under your kitchen sink or a whole-house system, it’s a smart move because a good filtration system will eliminate unpleasant impurities from your drinking water and improve its taste, smell and color. However, it won’t help if the system doesn’t work properly. Here at Aqua Solutions, these are the top three problems that we discover when we’re called out to investigate a problem with the various filtration systems that are found in area homes.

1. The filtration system is incompatible with the water conditions.

All water is not created equal, and many filtration systems simply aren’t made to deal with extremely hard water. This condition often causes a serious buildup of organic fragments that compromise the filtering ability of an inferior system. You may suspect the presence of hard water if you see orange or dark-red stains in your washing machine, sinks, toilets and bathtubs, and your water may smell or taste bad. It’s extremely important that your water is tested before a new filtration system is installed so that the correct form of water filtration may be chosen.

2. The tank has been damaged.

A filtration system generally features several different components, and it can’t work effectively if any part of it becomes damaged. For example, if the tank has too much corrosion, then it can’t deliver water at a pressure that is high enough to allow the water filter to work properly. In some cases, professional cleaning of the tank may address the problem, or it may need to be replaced.

3. The filter is clogged.

Some filtration systems are made to work without a filter, but those that need one will stop working completely if the filter becomes clogged. The filter’s job is to trap particles in the water so that you don’t end up drinking anything other than pure, clean water. If the filter isn’t changed or cleaned regularly, then the filtration system will fail.

Safe Drinking Water is Our Specialty

Here at Aqua Solutions, our trained, professional technicians are available to take care of any of the above filtration problems. We also carry a large selection of high-quality filtration systems that are guaranteed to handle your home’s specific needs. Just give us a call at 732-374‑3986, and we’ll be happy to offer you a completely free estimate.

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