Keep Your Filtration System Updated This Fall

Water filtration systems make a great investment for anyone. Also, homes with advanced systems that include softeners, whole-house filtration, pumps and drainage components are more attractive to buyers. As the cooler seasons approach, it is important to keep the filtration system updated whether it is for personal use or to prepare the home for selling. These are the main reasons to pay attention to maintenance and updates and what can happen if you ignore common problems.

Safer Drinking Water

Filtration systems remove harmful toxins such as byproducts of chlorine, aluminum, arsenic and fluoride. These substances can lead to Alzheimer’s, a weaker immune system, several types of cancer and other chronic illnesses. Also, aluminum has been linked to many developmental issues with young children. The easiest way to keep these substances out of your drinking water is to change system filters regularly. Also, test the water frequently to determine if the filtration system is working properly.

Elimination Of Foul Odors

Nothing makes water seem more untrustworthy than pipes, tubs and sinks that emit a rotten egg smell. When you have a high-quality water filtration system, this smell is eliminated. If you notice this smell when you have a filtration system and water softener, it can indicate several different problems or the need for an upgrade.

Better Water Taste

If your water filtration system is not yielding great-tasting water after a filter change, there may be one or more issues with the filtration system itself. Try cleaning the system’s components according to the instructions.

Save On Soap

When you have a water softener as part of your total water filtration system, you do not need to use as much laundry detergent, body wash or shampoo. If you notice that you have to use more of these, follow the instructions with your system for home maintenance. Do not attempt to use any procedures or chemicals that are not included in the manufacturer’s instructions.

When To Call A Professional

As a rule, you should always test the water as the first troubleshooting step. If the filter needs to be changed, follow the unit’s instructions. You should clean your filtration system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Changing the filter but failing to clean the system can still result in poor-tasting water. After cleaning the unit and changing the filter, test the water again. If it does not show favorable results, contact a professional for help. At Aqua Solutions, we service the following New Jersey cities:

  • Freehold
  • Howell
  • Jackson
  • Perrineville
  • New Egypt
  • Lakewood
  • Mill Stone

Even with the best maintenance practices in place, filtration systems may need to be replaced or upgraded. If you want to add a softener, an economical pump, a better drainage system or have any other requests, we have the right solutions for your needs. Contact us for repairs, upgrades and new installations.

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