Is a Well the Right Choice for Your Property?

For many property owners, well water is a great decision—it’s cost efficient and the quality is unbelievable compared to traditional tap water. Many people who convert to well water don’t go back to traditional on-the-grid water, because the quality that comes from the water being naturally filtered as it travels through the Earth can’t be replicated by man-made processes.

In fact, we at Aqua Solutions strongly recommend well water for certain property owners residing in specific areas. Does this mean that well water is the right decision for your property? A lot of people ask if using a well for water is right for them or if they should use on-the-grid water from the state. We’re here today to give you some points to think about before deciding what kind of water is right for your property.

How close is your property to the water grid?

Sometimes, it’s more cost-efficient to use a well, if your property is located significantly far from the grid. If this is the case, it could take some serious contracting and digging, as well as collaborating with the local water company. When you install a well, you’re drawing water from aquifers, giant “stashes” of water hidden deep within the planet. Thus, there’s no need to connect to on-the-grid power lines, except in the case of drainage, unless you’ve elected to use septic systems.

Has your area experienced any kind of contamination?

New Jersey is a state riddled with a history of improper chemical disposal and other not-so-great practices when it comes to disposing of toxic materials. With this being said, it’s important that you make sure that you’re not at risk from contamination. At this website, New Jersey provides information on areas that have experienced contamination of any kind in the past.

How much water does your household or property consume?

This is quite an important question. Again, well water draws directly from the Earth, so if you have a large family that uses a lot of water or you have large water needs for swimming pools and other such amenities, it may be a good idea to avoid well water. Using water from the Earth is a balance of conservation and enjoyment, and we advise our clientele to consider their impact on the planet before finalizing a decision on how to get quality water to their property.

Have you tried well water in the past and had no luck?

This is an important question that many people neglect to ask before trying to install their second well system. Digging a well and having no luck can be extremely stressful. Drilling different spots and finding the right one takes time, and if you’ve discovered in the past that you have problems with well water, it may be best to call in experts from Aqua Solutions, LLC to find the best location to install your well.

So you’ve decided against getting a well. What can you do to get high quality, tasty water from your faucets?

Well, there are many options. At Aqua Solutions, we’ve brought clean and delicious drinking water solutions to property owners on the grid throughout Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ. We install the latest and greatest water purification systems. This includes softeners and filtration systems.

We hope this answered your questions on whether or not well water is the right decision for your property. Well water is a fresh and natural hydrologic solution for households, providing mineral-rich, deliciously clean water straight from the Earth, but it may not be the right decision for everyone. To learn more or to schedule a consultation to find out of well water is right for you around Ocean and Monmouth Counties, please contact us today.

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