Elements that Can Damage Your Well & Pump System

Having well water for your property can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for property owners throughout New Jersey, and many other states that allow it. New Jersey’s underground is rich with aquifers—underground caches full of natural water ready to be used– contributing to the increasing popularity of well water in recent decades. However, this water does not come without risks— wells and well pumps are sensitive pieces of machinery that require routine checkups or well pump repair to ensure they are working at their maximum efficiency. There are many things that put wells at risk, and in this segment, we’re going to cover a few of them.

Having Your Pump “Sucking Air”

Wells involve drilling a pipeline deep into the ground to where the underground water supply is feeding a healthy amount of water to the area. However, this area comes at a price—often the underground water supply can only feed so much water into the section at a time. If you’re using a lot of water from your well, you can lower the levels of that water, usually temporarily. As a well pump “sucks air” because of having no water there, it can cause serious internal issues with the well systems. Fear not; there is relatively new monitoring technology that can inform you if you need to lighten up on your water usage for a while. Ask us for more information on this subject.

Natural Salts and Minerals

It should go without saying that, because well water comes from underground supplies, it is rich in many different minerals, including natural salts, calcium, iron and other minerals that will build up on the system. As minerals and salts build up, they obstruct the entire system gradually. There are many solutions to this problem that will help flush out those obstructions; ask us more about how you can keep your pipelines clear.

Rust and Other Wear & Tear

Pumps and wells get old—they’re machines like any other. For that reason you should be ready for the mineral-rich water to cause damage to your systems. We have all of the necessary replacement parts and appliances to ensure that you never let your well system go to the point of no return. Contact us immediately if you’re having issues with wear and tear in your well systems.

Inconsistent Power Supplement

Inconsistent or spotty power is a huge killer of well systems. They like to be kept on at a healthy level, and constantly turning them on and off can cause damage to the intricate systems within the well. One way to remedy this is to get a generator to power your well system in the case of an emergency. It doesn’t take a lot of power to keep a well running and it can save you a lot of money.

These tips are just the “tip” of the iceberg. There are many other ways to care for your well pump and other systems at your property. Contact us today for more information on how you can do this. Are you having trouble finding reliable well service in Toms River, New Jersey? We’re here for you.

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